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Adrienne Renick
Hello! I'm Adrienne, and I'm thrilled to share my world with you. I've been writing since I knew what a book was, and I don't plan to stop any time soon. My favorite genres are character driven with sci-fi and fantasy (often spliced together), have plenty of drama, comedy, and all the heart-warming moments in between. If these are things you enjoy, my hope is that you'll feel right at home here. Thanks for checking me out!



A YA SciFi/Fantasy Novel

Brynna Ellis is haunted. She can’t shake the uncanny events that tend to follow her—right up to the supernatural destruction of her entire city.  Now, some weirdo named Freddie is trailing her. He won’t stop popping up wherever she is, and he seems to think she’s connected to the catastrophe.  If she trusts him, she might just be able to escape the dark energy surrounding her. Or, she might just run right smack into something far worse.

Seamkeepers was awarded second place in the Science Fiction category of TCK Publishing's Reader's Choice Awards!